Surveys and Research

Surveys and Research Design

Surveys are common tools utilized to collect data. However, these instruments are only as good as their design and implementation. We can assist in the development and/or refinement of your survey design. Our services include psychometric assessment, item creation, design optimization, and related assessments of pertinent factors e.g., collection methods.

Market Research

Understanding your business market is key to being successful within your industry. Our market research services comprise a variety of efforts aimed at collecting and understanding information about markets and customers, as well as specific promotional and marketing processes.

This research is critical to gaining a competitive advantage and maximizing your business endeavors as it supplies important information which relates to your market’s trends, needs, environment and competition. We conduct market research through systematically collecting and assessing information via statistical and analytical methods and traditional review of industry aggregate data.

We offer to provide market overview, segmentation strategies and trend analyses to assist customers in identifying factors such as market needs, threats, opportunities, and so forth.

Some of the services we can provide include:

We can create, conduct, and tailor surveys to learn about your customer’s opinions, preferences, satisfaction, and relevant beliefs as well as measure these magnitudes.  This tool is invaluable due to the information garnered about how and why consumers reject or accept services, ideas, products or specific offerings.

These analyses involve identifying and evaluating macro & micro environment factors, e.g., opportunities, political dynamics, threats etc.—and forces that affect your ability to earn profits.

This analysis entails comprehensively assessing the competitive environment, as it applies to  both the present and potential future. The purpose is to provide a business strategy which exploits opportunities and limits threats.

Focus group research is exploratory  in nature; it is geared toward providing your organization with valuable knowledge about present and/or potential products or service offerings. In addition to  administration/moderation, our service entails collaborative support and analysis and review of findings.

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