Program Evaluation

What is Program Evaluation?

Program evaluation is focused on assessing your programs to ensure they are fulfilling your organization’s needs. A program can refer to projects, systems, and services. Programs are measured to gauge an organization’s strategic efforts towards its goals. For example, an organization can use program evaluation to assess the effectiveness of its employee training or the fulfillment of its obligations to grantors or sponsors.

Why is Program Evaluation important?

Allows for the systemic assessment of processes and outcomes of a program which results in knowledge regarding the success / failures experienced as well as issues related to logistics i.e., implementation and execution.

Reasons for Program Evaluation:

  • Find out what is and isn’t effective
  • Show efficiency / effectiveness to sponsors and stakeholders
  • Improve upon service
  • Build / expand upon one’s culture of improvement
  • To prepare for strategic planning

Services Provided

Some of the program evaluation services our consultants have provided include:

  • Measuring effectiveness of services provided to clients
  • Assessing program’s compliance with grant/sponsor requirement
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention of in-person and virtual training programs
  • System level evaluation across multiple programs

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