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In the past, organizational coaching used to be synonymous with providing support for struggling individuals, but getting coaching now implies working with your leaders and highest achievers to take them to the next level. A coach can work with an individual to provide groundwork for self-development, making constructive behavioral change possible. We will work with you to build a coaching program encompassing one or more individuals, facilitating personal development in alignment with your organization’s goals.

Orgcom Global’s assessment & coaching packages provide you with a number of beneficial opportunities.



A mentoring relationship is one that crosses over from a functional, job-driven relationship (e.g., a manager-employee dyad) to a relationship that can provide personal help in addition to the professional help seen in coaching. Mentoring has been implicated in lowering costs of training and development, leading experienced personnel to seek more learning opportunities, and easing organizational change initiatives. This can become a continuous process that will establish ongoing transfer of knowledge within your organization. Orgcom Global will strategize and work with you to create a mentorship program that engages your employees, fostering perpetual learning for long-term results.


Personal assessment tools may be recommended to further a leader’s progression towards extensive self-awareness and lasting positive impact on their life and the way they interact with others. Orgcom Global’s consultants have experience with the Strong Interest Inventory®, the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the California Psychological Inventory, and other widely used instruments.

Training & Development

Our consultants are ready to train and share information with your employees on how to effectively manage and lead groups, present information to an audience, conduct reliable and valid interviews, develop healthy teamwork behaviors, and foster productive cultures. We can also provide a variety of training development programs focused on maximizing the talents of your employees.

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